July 20-24, 2016

Toronto, Ontario

Call For Papers

The submission portal for abstracts for (a) individual oral presentations, (b) symposia on particular topics (comprising 3-4 individual presenters), and (c) poster presentations is now open. Abstracts should be no longer than 250 words, and you will be asked to answer some additional questions about the methods and results of the research to be presented. Submissions will be received until January 22, 2016, and acceptance notifications will be emailed by March 2016.

To submit your abstract, you first must register by clicking here: IARR 2016 Submission System Registration

After registering you will receive an email with a link to the abstract submission page, which you can also access by clicking here: IARR 2016 Abstract Submission

Instructions for Individual oral and/or poster submissions

1. Click on the link to make a new submission. The “Not for a symposium – this is an individual abstract” option is selected by default. Click next.

2. On the first page, you will be asked to provide a title, abstract of up to 250 words, and also provide specific details on the methods used for data collection (up to 250 words). Press next.

3. On the next page you will be asked to add contact information of the lead author and all co-authors. Press next.

4. On the final page you will be asked to indicate if you prefer an oral presentation, poster presentation, or either. Press submit.

Instructions for Symposium Submissions

1. The convenor/chair of the symposium needs to click the link for setting up a new symposium. The convenor/chair will be asked to provide a title for the proposed symposium, enter her or his name and contact information (under the convenor/chair heading), and add the name of a discussant if applicable. The convenor/chair will be then be asked to enter an overview (or abstract) of the symposium of up to 400 words. Press submit at the bottom of the page, and the symposium will be created within the system.

2. The convenor/chair will then receive an email with instructions for how to have participants of the symposium complete their own abstract submissions. The email will look like the following:

“Thank you for submitting your symposium proposal entitled "Title of Symposium". Your reference number for this submission is XXXX.

You should now ask the authors of the papers that are to be presented as part of the symposium to submit their abstracts. When they click to submit a new abstract they will see a screen that lists all current symposium proposals and they should select yours in order to link their abstract to your proposal.

The proposals will be reviewed shortly and you will be informed by March 18, 2016 whether or not your proposal has been accepted. Please remember to quote the conference name and the reference number in any communication with us."

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